Scarlet and Violet DLC reminds us that Pokémon may kill people


This isn’t actually a secret, however a Pokémon may kill a human at any level if it needed to. These beloved creatures harness elemental powers nicely past the power of any human, and even a lowly Weedle may simply maim or kill an individual. For those who actually give it some thought, each Pokémon coach is just one Razor Leaf or Flamethrower away from dying.

For the longest time, it’s been comparatively straightforward to disregard these types of ambiguities of the Pokémon world. I, for one, am way more targeted on taking cute selfies with my Pawmot and fewer involved with overthinking each unexplained element on this planet. Nonetheless, new content material within the first a part of thePokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, referred to as The Teal Masks, brings a few of these inquiries to the forefront in a shocking method.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for the story in the first part of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Teal Mask.]

Partially one among Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Space Zero: The Teal Masks, trainers enterprise to the land of Kitakami. As we play, we study the city has a neighborhood legend that befell generations in the past. In keeping with the legend, three Pokémon — Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti — as soon as saved the city from a rampaging ogre. On the time the story takes place within the recreation, the townspeople name these Pokémon “the Loyal Three” and honor them in a neighborhood pageant. Nonetheless, as we study extra in regards to the historical past of the village, we uncover this legend has a secret darkish aspect to it.

The DLC introduces two new characters to the sport: Kieran and Carmine, siblings and native inhabitants of the area. On the pageant, Carmine and the participant encounter a mysterious Pokémon named Ogerpon who drops its teal masks in worry. It’s as much as the participant to then return the masks. As a part of the mainline quest, the participant and Carmine present the masks to Carmine’s grandfather, who then reveals that the touted model of the legend is a lie.

Because it seems, the true villains of the legend had been the Loyal Three. They aren’t, the truth is, loyal; as a substitute, they seemingly murdered Ogerpon’s solely buddy and coach. Within the true model of the legend, the ogre — a docile Ogerpon — lived its life as an outcast alongside its human coach after being rejected by the native villagers for wanting totally different. Just one villager, a masks maker, took pity on Ogerpon and its coach, and he made them lovely masks as a present so they may mix in on the native pageant. The masks had been seen for his or her magnificence and high quality, and this finally attracted the eye of grasping Pokémon — the Loyal Three. Someday, the Loyal Three determined to steal the masks.

Carmine’s grandpa recounts the true legend as follows: “The person occurred to be there. He managed to carry on to one of many masks… however he was not robust sufficient to guard all of them. The Pokémon stole the opposite three masks. A number of hours later, the ogre returned to the cave… It discovered its beloved dwelling in smash. All that was left had been the indicators of a battle and a teal masks.”

The legend doesn’t say these three Pokémon murdered the person outright, however all indicators level to his dying. Following the theft of the masks, the legend ceases to say the person, and Carmine’s grandfather says that the ogre returned to its dwelling “alone and with nice unhappiness.”

So, though it’s by no means explicitly said, it seems just like the Pokémon collection has one among its first massive instances of Pokémon homicide. The story serves as a grave reminder: You understand these battle-ready creatures that may manipulate the weather and unleash highly effective assaults mainly at will? Nicely, you won’t wish to get on their dangerous aspect.



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