Hisense Showcases Premium & Budget TV & Cinema Lineup at CES 2023


Global electronics and appliance brand Hisense displayed its upcoming lineup for the year at CES 2023.

Hisense is focusing on expanding its Mini LED technology, offering 14 options at different price points, including in its entry U6 model. Likewise, Hisense is looking to improve the gaming experience with 144 Hz VRR and Wi-Fi 6E for faster connectivity with its more premium models.

Perhaps most exciting, Hisense also demoed the first portable TriChroma Laser Cinema, as well as a Smart Mini Projector, which can provide excellent video quality both inside and outdoors and can automatically adjust its focus and projection to ensure you have a perfectly centered image.

Hisense Upgrades Its ULED TVs

For its core audience, Hisense announced that it’s bringing its premium mini LED technology to its entire ULED television lineup and expanding the available screen sizes. Mini LED backlights result in more local dimming zones and higher peak brightness, resulting in deeper blacks and better HDR content.

The Hisense U6K, U7K, and U8K lineup will all include Google TV, the slicker, more intuitive successor to Android TV, as well as hands-free voice control, compatibility with smart home devices, and multi-user profiles for an individualized viewing experience. These newly announced TVs are scheduled to be released and available this summer.

Hisense CES 2023 - U8 - GamingU6K

Its budget U6K series is expected to have similar pricing as the current model, starting at just under $500. Other key features include Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10+, Quantum Dot, Dolby Atmos, FilmMaker Mode, Game Mode, and a 60Hz refresh rate with an auto-low latency mode. In addition, Hisense now offers the U6 in additional screen sizes from 50 inches to a massive 85 inches.


The U7K also saw its first Mini LED upgrade this year, doubling the dimming zones over its previous model up to 500+, with a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

This 4K UHD television will feature Dolby Vision/HDR10/HDR10+/HLG, Quantum Dot, and Calman color correction to enhance its image brightness, sharpness, and color gamut. Compared to the U6K, the U7K is also a better choice for gaming as it has a native 144Hz variable refresh rate, automatic low-latency mode, a new Gaming Bar, Eyesafe Certification, and the return of the Game Mode Pro.

Hisense CES 2023 - U7K Gaming

The U7K also features the Hi-View engine and Wi-Fi 6E and includes upgraded sound quality with Dolby Atmos, 2.1 channel audio, and eARC and WiSa SoundSend pack support.


Hisense’s flagship U8 series received some of the biggest upgrades. In addition to twice as many local dimming zones, it now boasts up to 1500 nits brightness. Combined with its anti-glare and low reflection panel, this gives you the best picture quality, even in sunny rooms.

Other visual upgrades to this series include IMAX enhanced, FilmMaker mode, Dolby Vision IQ, Quantum Dot, Dolby Dark Detail, and HDR10+. This is also an ideal choice for gaming, with a 144Hz native refresh rate with MEMC, Game Mode Pro, Auto Low-Latency Mode, FreeSync Premium Pro, and four HDMI ports (2 x 2.1 [email protected], 1x eARC).

Hisense CES 2023 - U8

Beyond Wi-Fi 6E, the U8 will also include a NEXTGEN TV ATSC 3.0 OTA tuner, the latest in over-the-air technology that supports improved broadcasting, better reception, and up to 4K UltraHDTV video for channels that are available for free either by using an antenna or from an internet connection. Consumers can also expect an improved audio experience to go with the visual upgrades, as the U8K features enhanced 2.1.2 multichannel audio with Dolby Atmos and wireless support via eARC and WiSA SoundSend.

Hisense CES 2023 - U8 Specs

The Ultimate Hisense X-perience

Hisense also unveiled its biggest advancement in LED technology thus far: ULED X.

The first of its kind, the ULED X will contain over 5,000 local dimming zones and have 2,500 nits peak brightness with its Dynamic X-Display. Featuring Hisense’s new proprietary Hi-View Engine X chipset, the UX series will also allow for the first-ever 16-bit light control algorithm, which can achieve three times the environmental contrast, and two times the dynamic range compared to an OLED TV.

The ULED X premium lineup is expected to be available in late spring 2023, with its 85-inch model currently only available to the U.S., with international customers having the choice between an 85- or 110-inch model; there are no options for smaller sizes.

Hisense CES 2023 - 85UX

Its Hi-View Engine X chipset and ultra-low reflection 4K panels are expected to deliver 30% expanded viewing angles and make automatic adjustments to picture quality using a newly developed AI picture quality algorithm that creates “the most immersive and realistic viewing experience in an LED TV available today,” as Hisense claims.

The ULED X will feature Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6e, NEXTGEN TV, and FreeSync Premium Pro. In addition to the new chipset, Hisense has also developed a new audio system for its UX, called CineStage X which includes an 80-watt, 7-speaker, 4.1.2 multichannel audio system paired with Dolby Atmos.

Hisense CES 2023 - 85UX - Deep Blacks

Hisense Launches New Laser TVs and Projectors

The demand for Laser TVs, also known as ultra-short throw projectors, has increased exponentially in the last year, and Hisense has plans to meet an even greater interest in the future with these new offerings.

Hisense is adding several new Laser TV and Laser Cinema products to its display this year, with the PL1 Laser Cinema, PX2-PRO Laser Cinema, L5H 4K Smart Laser, L9H TriChroma Laser, and 120LX Laser. In addition, all Laser offerings by Hisense will feature upgrades to Google TV, NEXTGEN TV, and include Wi-Fi 6e, ultra high-speed HDMI ports, and Airplay 2.

The 120LX, L9H TriChroma, and L5H models will come with a screen, while the PL1 and PX2-Pro Laser Cinemas will not, giving you more flexibility over its projected size and where you can set it up.

Laser TVs

Both the L9H and L5H Laser TVs will be paired with high-gain ALR screens designed to operate in any lighting while maintaining a clear picture at a non-adjustable size of either 100 or 120 inches.

Despite having only a single X-Fusion Blue Laser light source, the L5H 4K also delivers a considerable cinematic experience with 2,700 ANSI lumens brightness and Dolby Vision that will aim for an affordable, entry-level price point. The more premium L9H features a triple-laser light engine that results in 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness and reaches 107% of BT.2020 color space with Dolby Vision HDR10, smooth motion, MEMC, and Game Mode.

Hisense CES 2023 - L5H

The L5H and the L9H have 40-watt built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos for impressive audio. While few details are available, we also know that a limited edition flagship 120LX Laser TV will also be available in 2023. This is the first 8K Laser TV in the world, and it uses a TriChroma Triple Color Laser light source, IMAX-enhanced certified picture, and Harman Kardon audio. No word on pricing, but we imagine this will be a very expensive model.

Hisense CES 2023 - L9H - Viewing Angles

Laser Cinemas

One of the biggest advantages of Laser Cinema projectors is the use of adjustable lenses that allow customers to choose between different screen sizes depending on their needs and viewing space. The PL1 features an 80″ to 120″ range with powered focus from an X-Fusion Laser light source with Blue Laser + Phosphor Color Filter Laser engine for projecting in 4k Ultra HD.

Hisense CES 2023 - L9H

This entry-level home theater TV boasts 2,100 ANSI Lumens, with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos Audio with 30-watt built-in speakers. In addition, the PX2-Pro offers an expanded 90″ to 130″ adjustable lens reaching up to 2,400 ANSI lumens, with Dolby Vision, HDR10, high-speed HDMI ports, Google TV, and Airplay 2.

Hisense CES 2023 - Laser Cinema

Cinematic Shows on the Go

Not to be overshadowed, the smallest and arguably most versatile laser projector demoed by Hisense was its Smart Mini Projector, which uses a TriChroma Triple Laser Light engine with individual red, green, and blue lasers to provide a 4K UHD picture at 1,600 ANSI Lumens, with 107% BT:2020 color space. Moreover, despite its small dimensions, it allows for the largest picture size out of all of Hisense’s offerings with an adjustable lens that ranges from 65″ to a whopping 150″.

Hisense CES 2023 - Smart Mini Projector - Front

Its screen also has an auto-adjustment feature, allowing it to display evenly on any wall regardless of the angle of the project set-up.

Hisense CES 2023 - Smart Mini Projector Demo

The Smart Mini Projector also comes with Dolby Vision, HDR10, Dolby Atmos, DTS audio, and two 20-watt JBL speakers for a home theater experience wherever you set it up and will be available early this summer.

Hisense CES 2023 - Laser Projector Specs

Hisense Has Big Plans For 2023

Although the prices for its upcoming products have not yet been announced, Hisense wants to assure its customers that it is committed to quality and affordability.

“At Hisense, we believe that picture quality matters. That’s why we continue to invest in and improve our ULED and Laser technologies. And while we’re dedicated to growing our premium category, we’re not losing sight of providing value to our customers,” said David Gold, President of Hisense USA. “Hisense is delivering the latest technologies to our entire lineup, ensuring consumers have premium picture options, like Mini LED, at every price point.”

It’s exciting to see even its most budget offerings receive impressive upgrades like mini LED technology and improved smart features and connectivity.



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