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Let’s dive into all the new features that you get with the LineageOS 20, which is now based on Android 13.

LineageOS is an alternative operating system for Android devices, intended to provide a reliable and secure experience for users. It’s available to install for free, and with the release of LineageOS 20, it’s better than ever. This iteration of LineageOS boasts the latest Android 13 features and adds a whole new camera app, helping to breathe new life into older devices.

If you’re wondering what exactly is new with the latest version of LineageOS 20, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a rundown of the major changes in this update.

Aperture Replaces the Snap App in LineageOS 20

If you’ve used LineageOS before, you likely came across the Snap camera app, which disappointingly produced lower quality photos than the stock Android camera app or popular Google Camera ports. Thankfully, the biggest addition to LineageOS 20 is an overhauled camera app, now called Aperture. Based on Google’s CameraX library, Aperture offers under-the-hood improvements along with a fresh user interface.

Aperture looks to be vastly superior to the old Snap camera app, thanks in part to the addition of these new features:

  • Three camera modes to help you maximize quality, minimize latency, or reduce shutter lag
  • A QR code scanner that utilizes the entire camera viewfinder
  • Support for auxiliary cameras (this has to be enabled outside of the Aperture app)
  • Options to control the video frame rate
  • A microphone toggle for when you need to record video without sound
  • A leveler, similar to the one in Google Camera, to help you get the perfect device orientation
  • Optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) options

Other New Features in LineageOS 20

The changelog for LineageOS 20 lists bug fixes and minor improvements for various apps, such as the LineageOS Updater, AOSP Gallery, Jelly web browser, and more. The Recorder also now offers Material You integration and stereo recording.

In addition, LineageOS 20 gives you a redesigned volume panel with an intuitive, expandable side panel that helps you adjust alarm and notification volume levels without diving into the Settings. Even better, the Quick Settings section now has a global light mode that matches your device theme, unlike Google’s implementation in stock Android.

How to Download and Install LineageOS 20

Visit the LineageOS website for a list of officially supported LineageOS 20 devices. If you have one of these, you just need to select your device to get the right download link along with comprehensive instructions on how to get started with LineageOS 20.

If your device isn’t listed, you’ll need to look through popular Android forums, like XDA, to see if any independent developers are offering unofficial support for your device.

LineageOS Continues to Improve

LineageOS 20 is officially supported for over 50 devices right now, including popular options like the Google Pixel 5 and the Samsung Galaxy A72. It’s likely that device support will continue to grow as LineageOS progresses, giving more users the chance to install a security-focused, open-source operating system.



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